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January 10, 10:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 3967

"Exports of grain cargoes from Ukraine - 2017" – updated study

Taking into account the growing role of the exports of Ukrainian grains, both for the agrarian segment, and the country's economy, the analysis of tendencies in export supplies of grain products and estimation of the further development prospects became extremely important.

APK-Inform Agency presents another regular update of one of its most popular multi-client studies – "Exports of grain cargoes from Ukraine". The study provides analytical information concerning the export supplies of major grains and oilseeds, as well as some by-products, such as wheat flour, wheat bran, oilseed meals and cakes.

Taking into account the fact that development of organic agriculture is accepted as one of the main directions of development strategy of the agrarian sector of Ukraine, and export supplies of the reporting products continue systematically increasing, a separate paragraph of the study focuses on tendencies in the foreign trade with organic grain products. In particular, the study analyzed the export deliveries of organic wheat, corn, barley, oats and millet.

APK-Inform analyzed tendencies of grain cargoes exports in the following directions:

- Structure, dynamics and calendar of supplies of the main types of grain cargoes;

- Geography of grain cargoes exports;

- Export structure by the conditions and places of delivery;

- Rating of grain cargoes exporters;

- Structure, dynamics and export geography of organic grain products.

Please, consider that participants of the conference "Grain exports from Ukraine" can purchase the reporting study at a special price.


Ekaterina Panasenko, Marketing department at APK-Inform Agency


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