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Exports of the finished products with added value is our priority — Agricom Group




The market of groats and flakes in Ukraine have been quite stable in terms of consumption for several recent years. Herewith, this market area is still perspective in terms of the exports. In particular, to date many processing enterprises in Ukraine are modernizing their capacities and increase the production of the products.

Agricom Group is the example of such enterprises. In May 2018, the company launched a new plant producing groats and flakes made of grains.

The main tendencies of grain by-products and the most perspective markets of distribution were the topics of our interview with the Marketing Director at Agricom Group, Pavel Shevchuk.


- The 2017/18 MY was very intensive for Your company. What kinds of groats and flakes does Your company produce?

This year on May 16 we launched a new plant for production of grain flakes under the brand “Dobrodiya”. This is the most advanced enterprise in Europe. We can produce flakes from different types of grains – oats, wheat, corn, peas, rise, barley etc. Moreover, we can produce the flakes from cut or whole grains with the flakes size amounting to 0.3-0.8 mm with the help of the leading technologies used in the production. In that way we have flakes that both need boiling and can be instant. For now, our company owns two brands: TM “Dobrodiya” and TM “SAN GRANO”. The main types of flakes that we produce are oatmeal, bran oatmeal, oatmeal with flaxseed, four, seven and nine-grains cereal, and buckwheat flakes. I would point out that “Dobrodiya” Super Hercules №1 and “San Grano” Kids are the top-sellers among our products.




- Does Your company produce the items under the brands of retail chains?

For now, this distribution channel is out of our priorities. First of all, we are focused on development of our own trademarks. Herewith, we negotiate with some large chains.


- How the distribution of groats and flakes is divided in terms of equity proportion?

As for today, our distribution channels are divided into several areas –brokers and distributors under their own brands cover 45.42% of our production rates, the trademarks (including our own) cover 46.34%, and the exports cover 8.24%.


- What changes can You observe in terms of the domestic consumption of groats and flakes for 3-5 recent years?

The market of flakes in Ukraine is experiencing very dynamic development. According to our estimations, the annual surplus of flakes production totals nearly 9-10%.



- What segments of the Ukrainian market of groats and flakes are the most prospective in Your opinion?

The market of flakes is not as saturated as it could be. Thus, we are focused on its brisk development. Flakes are highly promising as witnessed by the market growth.


- What are the main problems of groats and flakes distribution could You separate at the current stage of the market development?

I believe that the consumer has not enough information about the uniqueness of flakes as food item. There is insufficient understanding of the fact that the man should naturally eat porridges that are better for the health and beauty. Flakes are medically better than groats, because of the rolled and peeled structure. Moreover, flakes do not need boiling. It might be platitude, but in fact in modern world this is very important. I would point out that it not only saves your time, but also makes it possible to preserve the nutritious nature of grain and its usefulness. Thus, you have more useful minerals, vitamins and nutritive with flake porridges.

I would like to add that Ukrainian flakes are simple products, it is preservative-free and does not contain any food supplements.

We will continue actively promoting the idea of healthy food, and claiming that the Ukrainian grain flakes porridges are right thing to eat.


- In Your opinion, what export markets are the most perspective and why?

The food facility is one of the main challenges for the world community.

I believe that China, the Middle East, Africa and neighboring countries are the most promising exports markets. The global markets face the fierce competition but we believe that the quality Ukrainian product will occupy the place it deserves on the global market. Thus, due to the launch of our own production facilities, we are already exporting the products to Moldova, Romania, Egypt and Bulgaria. And we can go further. The exports of the finished products with added value is our priority.


Interviewed by Anna Tanskaya, APK-Inform Agency


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