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On July 18, the NAMEX sold over 9 thsd tonnes of intervention grains

On July 18, CJSC National Mercantile Exchange provided the trading day of grain selling from the public intervention fund for further export target. The fund significantly reduced the sold volumes to 9.04 thsd tonnes of grains only, against 46.69 thsd tonnes in the previous day, at the general sum of 57.6 mln RUR, reported CJSC National Mercantile Exchange (NAMEX).

In particular, 3-grade wheat of the harvest-2013 formed the major share in the structure of sold grain volumes — 5.26 thsd tonnes at the average weighted price of 6`850 RUR/t.

Also, the fund sold 3.71 thsd tonnes of barley of the harvest-2013 at 5`689 RUR/t.


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