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Belarus harvested nearly 0.5 mln tonnes of grains and pulses — Ministry of Agriculture

As of July 20, Belarusian agrarians harvested 478.7 thsd tonnes of grains and pulses (except for corn, buckwheat and millet) throughout the areas of 177.9 thsd ha, or 8.32% of the plan. The average yield totaled 2.69 t/ha, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

In particular, 5 oblasts of the country already started the harvesting campaign of grains and pulses. So, agrarians of Brest oblast harvested grains throughout 28.3% of the areas, Gomel oblast — 11%, Grodno oblast — 9.37%, Minsk oblast — 3.18%, and Mogilev oblast — 0.01%.

In addition, Belarus harvested 335.2 thsd tonnes of winter rapeseed throughout 198.5 thsd ha (65.4%), with the average yield at 1.69 t/ha.


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